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3D F.I.T. philosophy

Ekklesia F.I.T.'s  mission is simple:  Stay fit to serve others while having fun. 

(pronounced: "ek-la-see-ya") 

There are 3 Principles which bind Ekklesia's mission of multi-dimensional fitness: 

FUN. It has to be fun! We were gifted a spirit of joy and laugher. Just because life can get tough at times, does not mean we can't have fun. Just like Mary Poppins taught, "A spoon of sugar...", right? Attitude will determine our experience, so find the fun, and snap, the job is now a game.

INTENTIONAL.  Absolutely! Our physical and mental well-being deserve our intention and attention. We have a temple to steward - our bodies are the Creator's Masterpiece - and as such, are a gift. We GET to do this. It's a privilege and honor in caring for ourselves in mind and body. But the "enemy" of our mind tries to trick us into thinking thoughts that aren't true, such as "I can't", "I have no time, I'll do it tomorrow", or my favorite, "I hate to exercise." That's the biggest lie of them all.

Our bodies are designed to feel GREAT because of exercise. It can't help it. We have no control over the release of endorphins and dopamine, as it's a direct result of exercise! We just have to set the wheels in motion. If attitude determines our experience, it's action that determines our attitude. So don't let toxic thoughts get in the way. They are keeping you stuck in a rut and going in the wrong direction. Work against them by creating new pathways to what I like to think of as FITNESS FREEDOM, where wanting to work out is greater than not wanting to do it because you now actually enjoy the experience and the euphoric feeling that persists long after the cessation. 

Music on. Get dressed. Go. Keep it simple.

These actions, regardless of how you feel right now, sets in motion a chain reaction that leads to a new freedom and a new happiness...and not to mention a better day.  

TOGETHER. Well, that's the great big happy bus that gets us there. Together circles us back to our "why". We are relational. We need each other. This is how we were designed, regardless if you are introverted, extroverted or anything in between. Proverbs 27:17 (NLT) says, "As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend."

We are in this together. Laughing. Encouraging. Sweating. Experiencing. Sharing and Witnessing. Ever-reminding us that in fellowship with our Creator and with each other, is how it was intended for us to live out our daily lives. Sharing stories, experiences, meals, songs, and celebrations! 

We love having friends and we cannot help but make those friendships as we experience fitness with them in all its aspects of fun!

So, get out there and come play with EK F.I.T.!

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